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Hello! This is Padma Pathipati Advertising media manager  from India ,  I have rich experience in Media Broadcasting, Advertised 9000+Products live shows ,300 Products launched & worked with more than 15 brands design and programmed live shows .I am Multilingual with German B2 level & Digital creator. I am an Ambitious women with Golden heart , I believe its never to pick up and starting learning.

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Ever since I was a kid , Media , Advertisement has been my passion , I still remember that I used to fight with my brother for TV remote  because he used to  change channels whenever there was Ads running , Through  out my academics years I was always on stage performing  hosting  cultural activities . Without a media family background I was always underrated for my skin tone & personality but my passion carried through my learnings .I always believed that Dreaming learning working hard will always take us to achieve our goal. There are very interesting things that one should know about me

So , "Hallo Leute das ist Padma " , ah you can call me Paddy!  or Paddu  Let me tell you some thing I can greet you in 7 languages ( English , Hindi Telugu , Tamil, Kannada Marathi and German )
I have been obsessed with Camera the lights it all together takes you to other happy fun world which is the interesting part of my job .So here is the quick 4 things about me and my work . Trust me its

1 ) I have enjoyed many positions through out in 9 +years of media creative TV anchor  programming producer
with key focus on advertisement , Tele marketing Client Production Interaction ,
Programming live producer, Talent Management & TV live Shows, 360 Broadcast Media
Production, and Sales and Marketing. I started my career with broadcast media performing Live
Shows, hosting, and extended support to producer for celebrities’ interviews.
2) I am certified German language speaker with B2 level and can also speak fluently 5 Indian
languages . English C2 level and I hold a degree in MBA in HR + I am a digital marketing guru
holds a certified and skillful knowledge.
3) working in the capacity of a Senior Anchor , Programming producer at " Naaptol Online
Shopping Private Limited" wherein I am hosting shows client meetings, end-to-end selection of
Anchors, ensuring employee satisfaction, and Tele media product sales where I am generating
huge revenue to the company Prior to this, I working in creating advertisement of various
branded products , like Samsung , Religare , Topper , Yamha, Snapdeal ,
Aditya Life Insurance ,Event Management , Programming Produce and anchored many shows
4) My passion for Media has kept me motivated through out my career , My passion of learning
got me what I want . I am looking forward to work with Deutsche media that's where my interest of
learning Deutsch developed. .

Services& Skills

What I Do

I have enjoyed many positions through out in 9 +years of media creative TV anchor producer with key focus on advertisement , Tele marketing Client Production Interaction ,
Programming live producer, Talent Management & TV live Shows, 360 Broadcast Media.

& Advertising

I am the first Female Telugu Anchor in Advertising marketing I have  programmed more than 3000 +live shows and worked with more than 15 Brands , Launched and hosted more than 900 Products. Advertising Management though is a complex process of employing various media to sell a product or service. Production, and Sales and Marketing. 


Digital marketing creator Masters in Digital Marketing  Service includes: web design, web content, client-side / server-side scripting and SEO ,AD campaign ,E commerce site development ,  Social media marketing ,Google Ad words E mail marketing .

Success factors

configuration of foundation objects , MDF objects , configuring Employee files and RBP settings. configured succession data  model for all port lets ,imported relevant picklist for portlets and  foundation objects. worked on position management in employee central.


I was the first Advertising Female Telugu Anchor , Lights camera Action these 3 words brings smile on my face , without any media background  breaking the myth of standards of beauty for being a Anchor successfully hosted  many live shows with good communication presenting skills.

Dubbing VO artist

With a good communication skills ,and modulation I have given several voice overs to many brands like Aditya life insurance, Religare care, Toppr, Kanjiveram sil sarees, Naaptol , IVR , Mathur mix, ARRATA and KOCIDE 300.

VO artist for Telugu , Engliah ,Hindi and Kannada.


Studied at

Language Skills

Reading and writing
  • English

    English C2 Level . Proficient. Reading , listening speaking and writing.

  • German

    German B2 Level. Completed till B2 also a certified German Language course from Versatile Academy .

    "ich kann spreche ein bisschen deutsch ."

  • Hindi

    Hindi , I am from India , its a national language . I can speak read and write Excellent Hindi

    मेरा नाम पद्मा है। मैं मुंबई से हूँ।
  • Telugu

    Telugu is my mother tongue. I can read write and speak . I have hosted several shows in Telugu.

    తెలుగు అమ్మాయి
  • Marathi

    I was born and brought  up in Maharashtra, here native language plays very important role to connect with city and people.

    माझा जन्म पुण्यात झाला
  • Kannada

    Kannada is a very sweet language . It is another a south Indian language .I have hosted several live shows in Kannada language.

    ನನಗೆ ಕನ್ನಡ ಗೊತ್ತು
  • Tamil

    I understand Tamil , it is one of the most  spoken language  in south India.

    எனக்கு தமிழ் புரிகிறது



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